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Robin Shick

Founder & Master Cheese Maker

CalyRoad Creamery brings the flavor of the countryside to your table. Farm fresh ingredients and our commitment to quality create the delectable flavor of our artisan cheeses. Owner, Robin Schick, was formally trained at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese and skillfully prepares all of our selections.

For our cow’s milk based cheeses, we start with fresh, all natural milk that is delivered weekly by local dairies. The milk is then pasteurized, cooled, flavored, cut and aged all in house, and all by hand. Our goat’s milk cheeses start with fresh, regionally sourced goat curd. Our gourmet cheeses include feta, the camembert-style Way Point, chevre, and aged goat cheese. Choose our creamy fresh Way Point topped with local dried fruits and nuts, or one that tastes great on its own. Be sure to try our delicious chèvre – available in a variety of flavors.

Drop by the creamery and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Rely on our friendly, knowledgeable service to help you choose the best compliment for a meal or social gathering. Sneak a peek into the creamery through a large glass window, and watch the cheese making process if you come by on a “make day.” Sit awhile at the tasting table and enjoy our free samples. Browse the shop and create customized gift baskets for your family and friends. We offer local and regional specialty gourmet products that vary with the season

Look for CalyRoad Creamery artisan cheeses at local farmers markets, select restaurants, specialty shops, or visit us here in our shop in the heart of Sandy Springs on Hilderbrand Drive. For those who share our love of great cheese, please join us for a creamery tour or sign up for a cheese making class. We invite you to come experience CalyRoad’s finest.

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Cows Milk Cheeses

  • WayPoint $ 22.50

    Flavor of Georgia, Dairy Division 1st Place Winner in March, 2010 and 11th place winner in the Wisconsin World Wide March 2012 Cheese contest. Based on an old world, French-style Camembert recipe.

  • Little Epiphany $ 17.50

    Crottin-style aged cow, perfect as an appetizer for two. Sharp and sour notes make this little cheese a perfect small bite paired with fruit, balsamic reduction or a peach jam.

  • Mediterranean Feta $ 24.50

    Brined cheese aged approximately three weeks. Packaged deli cups containing four ounces cheese and several ounces of brine. Also available in bulk.

  • Marinated Feta $ 24.50

    Our signature Feta, cubed, marinated in olive oil with sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, rosemary and garlic.

  • Bit O’ Blue $ 18.50

    Based on a cambazola recipe, this cheese is creamy on the inside with just enough blue cheese bite.

  • Fromage $ 18.50

    A fresh, light alternative to cream cheese. We offer plain and flavored. Call for current flavors and availability.

Speacialty Items

  • Chocolate + Cheese Truffles $ 15.50

    For holidays and special events, we offer hand dipped chocolate truffles made with fresh, soft cheeses. Our Goatie-Ohs! are made with our plain chèvre, sweetened with sugar and vanilla, then mixed with chopped Oreos and dipped in dark chocolate. Our Cowsie-Oh’s owe their rich taste to our Fromage Frais, a soft cow’s milk cheese; again, sweetened with sugar and vanilla, then dipped in rich, dark chocolate.

  • Cheesemaking Kit $ 24.50

    Our newest product offering includes all the ingredients you need to make your own cheese at home. Just add milk! Comes packaged in a box with instructions and recipes, cheesecloth, thermometer, and ingredients. Makes up to 20 batches of 4 different kinds of cheese.

Goat Milk Cheeses

  • Fresh Chèvre $ 15.50

    We offer lightly salted plain chèvre or seasonally flavored chèvre made with locally grown ingredients and spice blends made in house. Also available in bulk.

  • Chèvre Flavors 4-pack $ 24.50

    Includes 4 individually wrapped balls of flavored fresh goat cheese. Flavors vary by season. Please contact the shop for full list of flavor options.

  • Big Bloomy $ 15.99

    Aged in house, we call this little beauty “Big Bloomy” for its soft white rind, delicate looking shape and big taste!

  • Little Stone Mountain $ 15.99

    Another in house aged goat cheese with a bloomy rind combined with a dusting of ash. A perfect summer cheese which pairs well with a crisp, cold white wine. It reminds us of Georgia’s distant Stone Mountain on the horizon, east of the city.

  • Red Top $ 15.99

    This in house aged cheese features a dusting of smoked paprika before it develops a bloomy rind. The smoky paprika lends a distinctive flavor to the aged goat cheese, making it a welcome addition to any cheese platter. Red Top is affectionately named after Red Top Mountain outside of Cartersville.

  • Black Rock $ 15.99

    This in house aged goat cheese features a coating of cracked black pepper before it develops a bloomy rind. The pepper takes this little goat cheese to a new level of intensity and flavor. Black Rock is named after Black Rock State Park in Rabun County, Georgia.

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