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New Product Added: Wine & Wine Tastings

We are so happy to announce that we have partnered with Domaine Distributors to bring fine boutique wines to pair with our cheeses. Domaine offers premium wines which range in price from $11.99 to over $75.00 for a true Champagne. By hand picking the wines we sell at CalyRoad, they insure every bottle that comes through our door is of the best quality and taste.  Their inventory is loaded with award winners and hidden gems. Personally, I have begun to like something other than Chardonnay! I think excellent white wines are so hard to find but the sommeliers for Domaine have shown me that Pinot Grigio and  Sauvingon Blanc can be full of flavor and a great compliment to many of our cheeses. They have introduced several Spanish and Italian wines that have become my favorites, so much so that a bottle or two keeps coming home with me! Rose’, never in a million years, but now I am lover of that as well, especially when paired with our Dill & Fennel Chevre. Come join us for a wine and cheese tasting, if you love the wines join our Wine Club. On our home page, click the button for Book an Experience, this will take you to our tasting schedule where you can register and pay in advance.