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Everything New!

Welcome to our new website and much more! We have made quite a few changes for 2018. In this post I’d like to share the details of exactly what we have been working on.  First, you may notice that we changed our logo from the original, colorful logo of pasture and barn. Although many of you, me included, have loved that logo, it didn’t seem to represent our style anymore. We have renovated and added new digs. We have become urban cheese makers- not an original concept, the French have been doing this for centuries.  The original logo represented our early farmstead days. To stay true to what we have evolved into, it was time to change. With the many changes we have implemented, we feel the new logo represents a clean, modern and bold statement of how we now see CalyRoad, a very different entity than it was originally.

Clean and modern…well, you really need to see the renovation of the old cheese make room, the brand new packaging room and the state of the art aging rooms. All sparkling white walls, a sanitary milk pipeline system, a beautiful 350 gallon cheese vat, waterproof floors, 3 aging rooms and sanitary air systems; we feel we have gone to heaven compared to our original small micro creamery where we hand carried 50 pound bags of milk to a 35 gallon vat and aged all our cheeses in boxes to create humidity.   We are staying on top of the latest requirements for safe food manufacturing as we implement (ahead of time) the new Food Safety Modernization Act, not required until September of 2018.  Bold? Who starts out with a desire to raise goats and make cheese on a farm in Roopville, Ga to being Atlanta’s only metro cheese maker?

However, there is one thing we have not changed, our love and commitment to our community in Sandy Springs and our state, Georgia. We believe our team extends beyond the walls of our creamery to our customers, city and state government and local charities. We are commited to excellent, personal service to our customers or whomever walks through our door. We also believe in supporting our fellow local producers, by not only offering their products but promoting them through social media posts and sharing of their events.

We hope you will come see us and let us introduce you to the big, wide world of cheese making.

Robin, Founder & Cheese Maker